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Safety Snap Systems ® can be used in an unlimited number of situations where security and safety warning barriers are needed. From unsafe stairwells to restricted zones on a ship, museum emergency exits, sporting stadium public traffic thoroughfares to walkways and stairwells being maintained & cleaned.
The clips are fast to install and de-install and in an emergency the evacuating public can simple walk through "popping" the clip and barrier off the rails without the threat of damage to property or injury to people. Conventional fixing methods do not allow this and can cause quite considerable damage & injury if attempted to run through in an emergency. The clips are UV stable, light & easy to attach. The chain lengths can be simply adjusted or extended to suit any width of walkway or stairwell. No tools or modifications needed to rails & hand holds making it an easy task for installation. If needed, the clips can be be de-installed & re-installed in another position within seconds making public traffic management an ease.

We are sure you will appreciate & enjoy this new method of warning barrier system.

One of our latest clients are ERGT Australia, an industry leading RTO who have recently installed our systems throughout their training facilities in Australia.

"At ERGT Australia we think the Safety Snap System not only looks great but feel they have added a professional look to our simulated training platforms.
As a training organisation servicing the Oil and Gas industry, mustering can be a procedure practiced daily. The convenience of this system in simply breaking away when making your way to the muster point to then be easily reinstalled after the drill is completed has been a terrific benefit.
The change to Safety Snap Systems also allows us to have consistent, low maintenance and uniform barricading throughout all of our sites across Australia.”

Tim Bailey
Training Coordinator
ERGT Australia


Within the maritime industry, as with all industries, safety is a key issue that no one can and should forgo. Due to the isolation & complexities involved in the maritime sector, safety should be taken to the smallest detail. Warning barriers informing crew of moving parts, stairwell isolations to restricted access areas can all be done utilizing the Safety Snap System ® barriers. Quick to install on all railings & hand holds and with the added benefit that in an emergency, they will "pop" off without injuring the evacuating personnel. A maintenance free system which does not need to modify rails etc for installation.


With so many restricted areas & dangerous zones in construction & industrial businesses, a quick & easy warning barrier system is a must. To limit access to an operators platform or an area where technicians need to access, a warning barrier is used but with normal fixing methods this can be cumbersome & time consuming. The Safety Snap System ® can be easily clipped onto the railings or hand holds & transgressed easily by "popping" off the clip to access using one hand. No more ducking underneath or trying to hurdle while the fixing method is too complicated or requires both hands.


The usage within the Resources industry is limitless as the Safety Snap System ® can be used in so many parts of a production plant or platform warning personnel of dangers & restricted access areas. From Walkways & gantrys to emergency exit only stairs & walkways to moving parts & machinery. The Safety Snap System ® offers the visual warning message plus the safety issue of when there is an emergency, evacuating personnel will not be injured whilst running through the barrier. Conventional hooks and caribiners to fasten warning barriers can in fact seriously injure personnel in this situation.


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